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Journey through the Book of Mark
This series of Mark will take us to Easter Sunday. Of all four gospel books in the New Testament, Mark is probably the one that is least often studied. This account of the life of Jesus, originally written primarily to Gentile believers living in Rome in the middle of the first century AD, shows Him primarily as a suffering servant. We'll be presenting this over four mini-series.

…Beginnings in Galilee

January 27
Mark 2
In chapter 2, Mark demonstrates some basic principles for ministry as shown in the efforts of four friends, the words of Jesus regarding who he came to earth for and in the real pu­­rpose of the Sabbath.

February 3
Mark 3 & 4
Ministry is done most effectively when everyone is on board and unified. Jesus teaches that despite many differences, believers should be united in a spiritual family that is stronger than even our human family. And when united together, we stand firm to serve in ways that Satan himself cannot divide.   The Parable of the Sower. Jesus tells this story to demonstrate the faithfulness of ministry and the difficulty of reaping a bountiful harvest. The results do not dictate the faithful ministry of one who serves.

February 10
Mark 5
This chapter tells the story of three miraculous healings performed by Jesus. As much as they demonstrate Jesus’ great power over evil, disease and even death, they also demonstrate the differences between faith and doubt in us and its potential effects.

… Beyond Galilee

February 17
Mark 6
In chapter 6 Jesus demonstrates how he mobilized and ministered with his apostles to reach the masses. He sent them out with the same message he had been preaching but then he also ministered alongside them in performing one of his most popular miracles…the feeding of 5000 people with only five loaves and two fish. There is much for us to learn about ministering and reaching the masses

February 24
Mark 7
Jesus quotes a text from Isaiah 29 in reply to a question from the Jewish religious leaders. He delineates between commands of God and traditions of men. He speaks of honoring God in the way we live our lives, even when we are keeping traditions. Essentially, the heart and what comes out of it are the key to our honoring the Father in all we do.

March 3
Mark 8
Jesus rebukes’ the Pharisees and the current generation … (kind of like our current times) … for always requesting “a sign” of his divine power and authority. What he really rebukes is their unbelief. He now begins to speak of who He really is and of his impending death in much clearer language. Truly understanding who Jesus really is should lead to devotion unlike any other.

... Beyond Galilee

February 17

Mark 6

February 24

Mark 7


March 3

Mark 8



... Toward Jerusalem


March 10

Mark 9


March 17

Mark 10


March 24

Mark 11



... Jesus’ Passion


March 31

Mark 12


April 7

Mark 13


April 14

Palm Sunday

Mark 14


April 19

Good Friday

Mark 15


April 21


Mark 16