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Simply Peace
One of the titles of Jesus is Prince of Peace. It is a title that describes Him as the epitome of peace for everyone and every situation. In the midst of a chaotic world and chaotic season, this five-week series for Christmas reminds us and calls us to experience the joy and rest of peace found in Jesus.

Peaceful Season
Philippians 4:4-7
The Christmas season is filled with so many extra things that are added to the already dizzying pace of everyday life…shopping, baking, wrapping, parties, kids’ programs and on and on it goes. How do we keep it all in perspective and find any semblance of peace in the midst of the chaos?

December 9
Peaceful Security
Micah 5:2-5, John 14:24-27 & 16:33
To what do we hold on to when it seems like everything around us is crashing down? Jesus came to be our peace, and to give us a peaceful security in life so that we do not have to fear the things of this world.

December 16
Peace with Others
Matthew 5:9 & 10:34-36; Romans 14:19
The level of uncivility, the level of ungodly rhetoric and behavior in our world is off the charts. Should this be surprising to us? How should we respond to it? Jesus calls us to live at peace with others, to be peacemakers and to build one another up in Him.

December 23-24
Peace with God
Luke 2:14, Isaiah 53:5 & Romans 5:1-2
Sin separates us from a right relationship with God. Jesus came to bring us peace with God. He came to make a relationship with God possible through his death and resurrection. Jesus came to bring us the most important aspect of peace of all.

December 30
Peace Within

Colossians 3:15; 2 Corinthians 5:17 & 12:7-10; Philippians 3:12-14
Many would say that you can’t be at peace with anything until you are at peace yourself. But that can be difficult because so many of us tend to focus on the negatives, on our weaknesses and on our past mistakes. However, the good news is that Christ came to make us new creations and provide answers to all of those things that cause us to be restless within.