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Nothing in life affects so much of daily life as our money and stuff. This practical, five-week series will look at many of the different aspects of our financial world and seek to help us live in a godly way with our money and stuff.

June 2 | Big Box
Matthew 6:19-34
The culture we live in likes to compartmentalize life. We like to keep our work life and relational life and spiritual life separate. But the truth is all of life has spiritual implications, including the way we handle financial matters…the way we handle our money and stuff.

June 9 | First Box
Exodus 13
From the beginning, God has always demanded that He be in the highest place in our lives. It is what He deserves as the God of the Universe and the source of our salvation. This truth sets the foundation for the way we give back to Him.

June 16 | Hidden Box
Luke 12:13-21
The problem of debt runs rampant in American culture. What drives the temptation to buy more than we can afford? How do we get out of the sinkhole of debt if we find ourselves in it? Today’s talk will provide practical help to get out of the hole and honor God while you do.

June 23 | Blueprint Box
Luke 16:1-13
Very little in life is accomplished without a plan to get there. There may be no more significant area of life where this applies than in the area of personal finances. We’ll learn from the example of a shrewd manager in the Scriptures and find practical advice for managing all of our money and stuff.

June 30 | Happy Box
1 Timothy 6:6-19
We’ll conclude this series with a message about the right perspective on how God wants us to view our money and stuff. Paul’s letter to Timothy provides God’s perspective on how we should view our money and stuff while we’re in this world.