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Finish Line

         Striving to the End


The Apostle Paul led an extraordinary life. From a persecutor and enemy of the church of Jesus Christ, he became the driving force of its expansion across the Mediterranean world into Asia and Europe. We close our study of the Book of Acts looking at the final events of his life and how his example contains lessons for us to apply all the way to the Finish Line.


June 20, 2021


Acts 21-22

A look at what Paul’s testimony/story can teach us about how to share our story with others. 


June 27, 2021                                                            

Ground Zero

Acts 23-24

The critical issue of why Paul was arrested and facing trial is the resurrection of Jesus. We will focus on why the resurrection of Jesus is essential to our faith.


July 4, 2021

We’ll step away from our series for Independence Day

Two Pledges of Allegiance

A comparison of two allegiances in an American Christian’s life. Both contain a bold declaration, require a great price to be paid and provide us with great rewards.


July 11, 2021


Acts 26:16:18

Paul gives a little more detail on his conversion encounter with Jesus from chapter 9. He quotes several comparisons for us to dig into their meaning – darkness to light, the power of Satan to the power of God. 


July 18, 2021                                                             

Storm Tested

Acts 27

What does Paul’s example teach us about handling the ‘storms’ of our life?


July 25, 2021                                                             

Press On!

Acts 28:23-31

Paul’s final address shows the reality of reaching generations of mankind for the Kingdom. And yet, he presses on.