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9:00am // 10:30am

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Stranger Things…
Bizarre Tales to Learn From
The Bible is a book full of stories. Stories of hardship and struggles. Stories of downfalls and triumphs. Stories of redemption and victory. But it also contains some stories that are just plain bizarre. Why are these tales included in the Scriptures and what can they teach us?

September 12, 2021
Genesis 32
God is in the business of changing lives. Jacob, a deceiver and trickster all his life, finally submits to God and is given a brand new name and identity in life.

September 19, 2021
Bullies & Bears!
Kings 2 
When you are walking in obedience to the Lord and encounter obstacles to your faith, trust God to see you through the obstacles.

September 26, 2021
Lady Killers!
Judges 4
The Lord uses whomever He can to fulfill his will. When we fail to trust the Lord’s leading, He will find another to take our place. 

October 3, 2021
John 6:50-59 (v25-71)
Jesus is the Bread of Life and whoever eats of this bread will live forever. Communion is a vivid reminder that Christ died for us.

October 10, 2021
Genesis 6:1-8 
We live in a supernatural world with supernatural forces beyond our ability to explain. And yet, God is still the one who is in control of it all and that should bolster our faith.