Our Elder Team has opened up the selection process for new elders. Here you can find information and links needed to learn more about how this works. The process takes approximately 4-months to complete and is something we take very seriously. Being an elder is a high calling and potential nominees must meet qualification to be considered..

Where to start? As a member, we encourage you to begin by praying for God’s direction about who you might nominate for the elder team. If you then have individual(s) you would like to nominate, pick up a nomination ballot at the Information Counter or download and print a copy from this page. Next, take the form to the individual you would like to nominate and ask if they would consider. If they agree, you both need to sign nomination form. Then, drop it in the box at the Information Counter or to the office during the week. 


 We encourage you to click this link and read HOW THE CHURCH IS LED to learn more about this process.

circlerightarrow     Click HERE to download and print a nomination ballot. Printed copies are also available at the Information Counter.

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The Purpose of Elders at Mainstreet Church

1.         To protect the overall ministry of the church while encouraging sound doctrine.
2.         To be prayer warriors and spiritual leaders.
3.         To help share, shape and communicate the Lead Pastor’s vision for the church
4.         To provide a shepherding ministry for the church
5.         To be Godly men who surround the pastor for the sharing of accountability and wisdom. They also communicate a strength and foundation to the church.

Other Considerations

In addition, Spiritual Gifts of leadership and discernment are important primary gifts for an elder to have. Other gifts may be helpful, but these are crucial in order to be effective spiritual leaders and decision-makers in the body. Some of the temperament traits that should be looked for in potential elders are: 

  • Relates well with people and is sensitive to their needs
  • Likes long-range thinking and planning
  • Discerning
  • A big-picture thinker
  • A servanthood model of ministry
  • Emotional maturity
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Not a power holder
  • Not a seeker of status