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Our current series looks at how Jesus’ ministry

pursued those that many would consider

outcasts of society.  

Still today, He pursues all…

including those considered outcasts.

April 8, 2018


Luke 15

Jesus tells three stories to display just how far God will go to find even one person who is lost.  It doesn’t matter how far we’ve wandered from God, He still seeks us and wants to welcome us home.


April 15, 2018                                                           


Luke 19:1-10

Jesus invites himself to dinner with a man, Zacchaeus, whom most would have considered unlikable and maybe, even unlovable.  He pursues even those who are hard to pursue.


April 22, 2018


Luke 7:36-50

Jesus transforms lives. Sometimes, we don’t allow ourselves to see past a person’s past.  But Jesus uses a woman with an unlovely past to demonstrate how a relationship with Him radically transforms.


April 29, 2018                                                  


Luke 17:11-19

Ten men were healed of the terrible disease of leprosy, but only one returned to thank Jesus. Sometimes we just want our present hardships to be “healed”.  Jesus wants to heal our eternal sickness.


May 6, 2018


Luke 18:35-42

A blind man sits by the side of the road begging.  He probably sat there day after day for years and most people paid him no attention.  But Jesus paid attention and asked him what he wanted. Sometimes, all that is needed is for someone to notice.