The Giving Center



East Broadway Elementary School Cafeteria

1755 E. Broadway, Toledo, OH

The Giving Center (our free clothing store ministry that offers good, quality clothing free of charge) is designed to serve everybody. We believe anyone who is in need of help, a little or a lot, regardless of the reason, can come and share in this opportunity. For more information, contact Pastor Tom at or 419.838.7600 x131.


All donations of clothing and shoes can go in the collection bins located in the parking lot. Just a friendly reminder to place all your donations in bags prior to dropping in the bins. This keeps the clothing dry and makes it easier for unloading.

Stephen Ministry

What is a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministers are Mainstreet members trained to provide one-to-one care to those experiencing a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or relocation. Stephen Ministers come from all walks of life, but they all share a passion for bringing Christ’s love and care to people during a time of need. Since 1975, more than 600,000 people from more than 13,000 congregations and other organizations have been trained as Stephen Ministers.

  • Stephen Ministers have been through a 50 hour training class to support people. 
  • Provides high-quality, one to one Christ Centered care to people in the Church and the community that are experiencing life difficulties.
  • Needs for care that a Stephen Minister can meet? – Grief, Medical crises, Divorce/Separation, Spiritual Crises, Retirement/Unemployment/Job Crises, Birth/Adoption/Miscarriage, Relocation, Recovery from Accident/Disaster.

If interested in learning more about the Stephen Ministry, you can contact Tom Caldwell @


This is what serving looks like!

Jamaica  2023 Recap

Dear Mainstreet,                                                                                    


This year, 14 people (4 from Mainstreet) took part in a one-week mission trip to the United Brethren Church camp in Jamaica. This was the first time we were able to return back to Jamaica, since Covid started in 2020. We would like to thank you for your prayers and your support through budget transfers of $1200 for 2021, 2022 & 2023.  Follow this link to read more about what we were able to accomplish this year. 



Giving Center  

Mission: To provide clothing for those less fortunate in the East Toledo area.  We are open each Wednesday during the school year from 5-6:45 pm.  We have a summer schedule when school is not in session.  

Address: East Broadway Elementary

Current Needs:

Team members to help sorting and racking

Team Members to help shoppers shop and have conversations

Donations of clothing into our white bins at the Church

Qualifications: Willing to talk to people you don't know, helping them find clothing. Also willing to help to help sort and/or stock donations.


Tom Caldwell  //  419.838.7600 ext. 131


(Anytime, Call for times and days)

Mission: Enpuzzlement is a non-profit organization that is completely private and family run. We are a resource warehouse located in NW Ohio that serves not only our local area but areas all over the country. The idea of EnPuzzlement started in 2009, when our group of family and friends noticed that there was a missing connection between donations from corporate America and small local communities serving one another. Many large companies have the ability to donate significant quantities of resources, but small organizations do not have the ability to receive them or even access them.


Address: 4400 Moline Martin Rd, Millbury, OH. 43447 

Current Needs: 

  • Stocking, Shelving, Packing & Delivering

Qualifications: Family Friendly Serving Opportunities

Enpuzzlement Contact: Roy Badenhop  //  419.343.6319


East Broadway Elementary

(During the school year)

Grades K - 8

Address: 1755 East Broadway St. Toledo, OH 43605

Current Needs:

  • Help with breakfast time in cafeteria
  • Help with Mentoring one on one basis with reading & math facts
  • Help with Office needs
  • After school with the Boys & Girls Club: Helping with homework, hanging out and having fun. Any time between 3:00 - 7:00pm.

Qualifications: Love kids and have a background check

Special Instructions: Fill out proper application for school help and background check or Boys and Girls Club program at the Serve Counter.

School Contact: 

Jennifer Ragland, Principal  //  419.671.7200

Boys and Girls Club


Lake Elementary
(During the school year)

Grades K – 4

Address: 28150 Lemoyne Rd, Millbury, OH 43447

Current Needs:

  • Provide a listening ear, extra help reading, practice with spelling words, math facts and lots of encouragement!
  • Be a regular volunteer to do things for teachers such as cut, laminate and help with create centers.
  • Recess game helper/buddy
  • Glider Backpack Program: Helping with sorting, setting up & delivering the backpacks to children with food for the weekend.


Qualifications: Fingerprinted for background check if wanting to serve during school programs. Love kids and want to be a hero!

Special Instructions: Fill out proper application for school help and background check at the Serve Counter.

School Contact: 

Mandy Wilburn, Principal  //   419.661.6680

Food Pantry: St. John’s Lutheran Church

(3rd Friday and Saturday)

Mission: Serving food to over 130 local families on a monthly basis

Address: U.S. 20 & Route 163, Stony Ridge, OH 43551

Current Needs:

  • Shop/share with Clients: Every 3rd Saturday, Fridays from 7:30am – 12:30pm. Volunteers needed to help clients with shopping for groceries, stocking shelves, helping clients to their cars, etc.
  • Food Bank Pickup: Anyone with a truck or van to help pick up food orders at various times throughout the month, as little or as often as your time allows. 
  • Bread Pick Up: Anyone with a truck or van to pick up bread on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Tasty Cake (Wonder Bread) Woodville Road, Northwood as your time allows.
  • 3rd Saturday Check-in: Minimal computer skills

Qualifications: Family Friendly Serving Opportunities

Ministry Contact: 

419.837.5115 (Leave a message for Jerri)

Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission


Mission: To minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the homeless and low income throughout northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. TGRM serves men, women, and children.

Address: Four Locations:

Rebekah’s Haven, 122 20th St., Toledo 43604

Mission Mall, 117 W. Woodruff, Toledo 43604

Toledo Gospel Rescue Mission, 1917 Jefferson St., Toledo 43604

Outreach Center, 670 Phillips Ave., Toledo 43612

Current Needs:

  • Painting at the Mission Mall, Mission, Outreach Center
  • Cleaning inside all locations
  • Yard work all locations weather permitting
  • Serve meals
  • Provide meals
  • Mentors (reading)
  • Help with Weenie Wagon
  • Help with newsletter

Qualifications: Family Friendly Serving Opportunities

Ministry Contact:

TGRM Office: 419.241.6579

3rd Thursday
(3rd Thursday of month)

Mission: To go out and serve those in need of a hand-up with the distribution of hygiene items, food, clothing and warm conversation. 



St. Paul’s Community Center 230 13th Street, Toledo




The corner of Madison & 18th streets, across from ProMedica's Market
on the Green, Toledo

Current Needs:

Team members to help with handing out items & starting conversations

Guitar Player

Donations for purchase of water, hygiene products & food

Qualifications: Willing to serve and talk with people you don't know.


Tom Caldwell  //  419.838.7600 ext. 131

Short Term Mission Opportunities

Jamaica (January)

Each year we have a team that serve the Jamaica Church and Conference area with construction, hygiene training, Children’s Bible Class and Community Outreach.



Tom Caldwell  //  419.838.7600 ext. 131


There are lots of ways to get involved in ministry at Mainstreet. Here is a list of categories with some brief explanations to help you explore options that might fit your interests, talents or experience. These categories apply to many different ministries from kids to adults, Sunday mornings to special events.  For more info on any of the following you can click HERE.  


Administration (As needed)

Organize, coordinate, help with details, enter data


Children/ Students (Sundays)

Hold babies, play with toddlers, interact with grade schoolers, hangout with or mentor teens


Facility Needs (Anytime)

Snow Removal (Sundays), Monday AM cleaning crew, grounds-keeping


Funeral Dinner Team  (As needed)

Preparing and serving meals for families after the funeral services.  Also need people to prepare desserts.


Green Bag Collection  (Monthly)

Chance for the Church to leave the walls and serve corporately in multiple ways.


Grouplife (Anytime)

Grouplife leaders, facilitators, mentors


Hospitality (Sundays and Special Events)

Hosts, ushers, coffee bar attendants, Information Center attendants, parking lot attendants


Music/ Drama (Sundays)

Singers, instrumentalists, actors, writers, researchers, directors


Serving Saturday  (Special Event)

Chance for the Church to leave the walls and serve corporately in multiple ways.  Watch for promotion when we have a Serving Saturday scheduled to signup and serve!

Tech/ Video (Sundays)

Operate camera, audio, lighting board; video shooters, editors, directors


Visitation Team (Anytime)

Love, care, pray and visit our elderly in nursing homes and shut in their homes.