Green Bags

A new way of collecting items to help partner ministries and organizations.


Here's how it works!

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July GREEN Bag Update
Do you have a GREEN BAG sitting around your house or in your car that's not being used? If so, could you return it to the Serve Counter so others can use it? It would be great if you’d return the GREEN BAG by July 28 filled with children's clothing items (socks, underwear and TPS school uniforms). List is also available at the Serve Counter.

Please bring donations in by the last Sunday of the month.

  • Stop by the Serve Counter in the lobby. Pick up a GREEN BAG and a list of items being collected for the current month.

  • Take the GREEN BAG shopping for the designated items being collected. 

  • Drop off your GREEN BAG, filled with your donations, at the Serve Counter by the last Sunday of the month.

  • Pick up an new GREEN BAG and repeat!