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Share with us, a time in your life where God showed up for you. As we reflect on these times, it helps us remember that God will also be there for us in the future. As we share these times, it helps others to see this truth through your story. 

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#GodShowedUp During this pandemic things seemed to be spiraling down, struggling felt like it was nearing our life and marriage. I always kept our faith in the Lord. Recently my husband was able to create his own business doing woodworking he loves and our lives have been nourished by our GOD. I can only imagine this was his act on my husbands heart. He always answers our prayers.Kylie Birchenough

#GodShowedUp In times of chaos I choose to not worry and feed my FAITH more than my fears... I do this because #Godshowedup many times for me in the past and I know He will do it again. As a young scared girl #Godshowedup; as a confused/hurt teenager #Godshowedup; as a new wife worried about her hubby #Godshowedup; as a pregnant woman and new momma #Godshowedup; as a worried momma for her sick children #Godshowedup, and even now in the midst of all this chaos I see God moving through His children/Church and know #Godshowedup  - Deb Curry

#GodShowedUp Today we were challenged to recall a time when God showed up in a powerful way. So here goes...

  • God showed up when he gave me to Glenn Smith and Molly Brownson Smith to be cherished, challenged, corrected and loved for the last 40+years.
  • God showed up when he gave me a super sister Sara Smith McIntyre and now her family... Don McIntyre, Lena, and Cason. Your Sister/Auntie Sister loves you. 
  • God showed when he lead a 6 year old Erin to an awareness of her sin and saving belief in Jesus Christ.
  • God showed up when he gave me the most amazing youth group leader and friends to keep me accountable and faithful as a teenager JenniferRecker,  Deana Gilmore, MaryRoby, AprilBarr-Ochier, Ranita Bates, Travis Kettering, and Denise Kettering-Lane.
  • God showed up when he sent me to Grove City College and I met my super roommate and best friend of four years. We learned how to have a faith of our own in that time. Love you Courtney Vago.
  • God showed up when I met and married my husband, Matthew Johnsonand I got an extended family to love in Doug, Pat, Doug, Penny Murray, Todd, and Liz Murray.
  • God showed up when he granted the privilege of parenting my four kiddos. 
  • God showed up when He miraculously coordinated the sale of our house in 2009 (when NO houses were selling) so that we could make a move to Perrysburg and connect with our new Mainstreet family.We love Mainstreet Church. 
  • God showed up when he used Amy R Sigler and Craig Sigler to keep us engaged and connected through small groups.
  • God showed up when he helped our family overcome a significant mental health crisis. 
  • God showed up when he connected me to our Mainstreet Littles ministry and pulled together a great ministry team of Cathy Lynn Burson, Kirsten Zapata, JennaLynne, Jennifer Hughes Medina, and Katie BellNelson. He wanted to transform ministry to even our smallest and their families. 
  • God showed up when he helped me endure in a toxic job for three years so that I could learn some powerful lessons about my own pride and loving others.
  • God showed up when he released me from that toxic job to my new position, a new creation and fully equipped to do the work and love all people.
  • God showed up when he preserved my mom in the midst of a major health crisis and has sustained her for the past year. 
  • God showed up when he moved Jeff Burson to form discipleship groups that have transformed how I view discipleship and evangelism. Thanks new friends Deanna Kohlhofer, Ruth Hostetter Nietz, Jeanne T, Sara Soltis, and Jeanie K. 
  • God showed up when COVID-19 came along and asked us to completely lean on him in a time when the unknown became the norm. He asked that despite the challenges for me to remain present, faithful and connected to the body of Christ. And so I do. 

So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:31‭-‬34 NIV - Erin Johnson

#GodShowedUp About 3 years ago my life turned upside down. I was life-flighted from Bay Park Hospital to Toledo Hospital. I was diagnosed with multiple brain aneurysms and needed emergency brain surgery, one of them had burst. People generally don't live when an aneurysm bursts, I think like 60% die before they hit the floor. The doctors were amazed, and at one point told my family there was a reason I was still here. I remember thinking I really wasn't afraid to die because I know who I am, I'm a child of God. I was in excruciating pain and at one point I kind of didn't want to live anymore because the pain was just unbearable. I was just sad that I would leave my grandkids, that I wouldn't be there for them and sad my mom would lose yet another child. Well, God had other plans for me. God Showed Up

I had a stroke and went blind in one eye. The doctors said the damage was irreversible and that I would remain blind. Again God proved them wrong and 3 weeks later my sight came back. God Showed Up

I lost my job and wasn't able to go back to work. My short term memory was shot and I had cognitive impairment. I applied for disability, had to go through some grueling tests for about 4 hours and left there in tears because I felt so inadequate. The old me was gone. I had to figure out a new normal for myself. On top of all that I didn't have any health insurance! My medical expenses were over a half million dollars, my family stopped letting me see the mail. But I didn't really worry about the medical bills though, I knew in my lifetime I would never be able to pay that kind of money. Mom worked with all the right people and they were able to get me on Medicaid and make it retroactive to cover all of my expenses! God Showed Up

My husband is retired so we were already on a fixed income. Some of my church family did some sort of fund raiser and donated their earnings to us. A couple of them took CJ and Hailey to get back to school supplies, a couple other people gave us monetary donations, we had groceries provided by another couple. We were barely scrapping by, I was 6 months post-op and our savings was gone. We were basically broke and the mortgage was due and all the monthly bills were coming due again, I still didn't worry too much. With $98.00 in the bank I finally got the letter that my disability claim had been approved! So yeah, God Showed up! 

God saved my life, He healed me emotionally, physically, & mentally. He provided financially! He placed the right doctors in that hospital, He provided me with great friends and family that got me through. I don't know where I would have been or be had not all the people been right where they needed to be. So yeah, God Showed Up in a big way. He saved me for a reason, He isn't done with me, He has more He wants me to do. I have spent the last couple years telling people my story, sharing my miracle, and trying my best to let people see His light in my life. - Darlene McMillion

#GodShowedUp My wife and I were both laid off since 3-15-20 and we saw no income in sight. We both have been unexpectedly calm during the entire time. We both felt God has got this he will provide for us what we need and he did. With very little unemployment coming in we kept our tithing the same and prayed. Well Saturday I received a call from my owner who said we would be going back to work full time on Monday. If you are discipline, believe,pray, really trust and have a relationship with Christ everything will be provided that you need. Exhale, we are living proof in this current situation we are in right now. - Terry Kretz

#GodShowedUp The man I met delivering mail 53 days ago is DEAD…. This is an incredible story of God’s ability to order our steps and reach those who are lost and hurting! It was the middle of winter and my wife and I had acquired a rundown apartment building. The holes in the roof were causing severe damage internally so we had to get the roof replaced quickly. February isn’t the best time to put on a new roof but the weather looked unusually clear. No rain, lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures in the 50's. So I put in a request at work for a several days off. Around noon the day before I needed off my boss approved my time away from work. So as I continued delivering my mail route I began calling some friends to see if they were available to help with no avail. As I continued walking I was almost done for the day when I heard a man say, “Hello Sir”! I looked left, then right but saw no one I looked up and there he was on a ladder fixing some shingles on his roof. After a brief conversation and seeing some photos on his phone of previous commercial roofs he had completed he agreed to help me with my roof the next morning. As we worked we talked about life and I shared my love for the Lord. At only 44 years of age he had been down some really dark and difficult roads and at the end of the second day he shared that he loved God but felt like he had lost his connection to God. I encouraged him about God’s love for him regardless of where he had been and what he had done and we continued to talk and work. On Saturday, day 3 we still were not done so I asked if he would like to join me for church on Sunday morning at Main Street than we could finish the roof and he agreed. In church the next day Marty spoke about Solomon and how God allowed him to ask for any 1 thing and it would be granted. As we left church a man came up to my new friend. It was a guy he went to high school with and hadn’t seen for a LONG time…. They chatted for a little bit and then we left. When we got into the car my friend began sobbing uncontrollably. He began to explain how he was lost and wanting to reconnect with God and God sent him a mailman. That mailman took him to church where a preacher was talking about God allowing Solomon to ask for any 1 thing. He said all he could think about was his love for his estranged daughter that he hadn’t seen/spent time with in years…..Then his childhood friend stops him before he can leave church and he tells him he is the principal at a local school. Guess who attends that school? His daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD SHOWED UP! It was like God was saying you think I’m not with you because of your past but I arranged this whole situation so you would know that I’m right here with you waiting for you to respond to my love! And that is exactly what he did! His heart opened once again to God! Within two months my new friend was dead….. I am thankful for a God that shows up for both our temporal and our eternal needs! 

#GodShowedUp October 13, 2013......it was such a beautiful day’ .....those were the last words I said to my boyfriend before a pick-up truck, pulling a boat, going 70 mph went through a stop sign struck the passenger side of the truck I was riding in. I remember only bits and pieces of what happened to this day but I know, for an absolute fact that God was with me. I was life flighted to St Vincent’s Hospital. My family was told by the doctors that the only thing they could do was make me comfortable Until I died, that I had broken more bones in my body than not, and they could not fix the damage. The doctors were amazed that I had even survived the impact. They said 81% of people with my shattered pelvis die from the shock of the break, the other 19% usually bleed out before they arrive at the hospital. But after hours of being in the hospital I was still alive. Conscious but not lucid. My family was praying, friends, strangers, prayer chains were being started. After a while another doctor came up to my parents and asked them if they would let him be my doctor, that he thought he could help put me back together. My family entrusted him and kept praying. Over the course of two days they did 3 surgeries and then more. I was still here but again not fully conscious. After a week and half I regained consciousness and I woke up happy! I had only one working extremity but I was just so happy! I felt Blessed! I cannot explain the absolute love I felt the whole time. I don’t recall any of the trauma or pain, my family and friends had to see it, and that’s difficult but I wasn’t left with anything negative just love. And throughout the rest of my experience, good and bad I just had this awesome faith that it was all going to be alright. Because what the accident showed me is that God shows up Every. Single. Day.....without fail ?? - Rachel

#GodShowedUp in a mighty way! It was the morning of July 4th, 2011. My husband, son and son in law were fishing at the church pond and I was home getting ready for our annual family cookout. Plans changed quickly when I received a call from my husband explaining that our son, who was in a weakened state from a recent nose surgery, tried to swim out to the middle of the pond to retrieve a snagged lure. He was able to reach the lure but in his weakened state, was not able to return and started going under. My husband had started running around the pond to get closer. My son in law was closer to where my son was so he jumped in to help. He soon was in trouble as well. At that point, my husband jumped in and swam out to where they both were. I'm sure his adrenaline was at an all time high, but I believe that God gave him the strength to be able to bring both of them to safety. My husband later explained that he was reaching his breaking point where he thought they were all going to drown, but God showed up and provided a shelf of land where he and my son in law could reach and then pull my son to shore. My son was taken by ambulance to the ER, but in spite of taking in water, most of it was consumed and not breathed into his lungs. He fully recovered........PRAISE BE TO GOD!! There is a pair of underwear in my husband's drawer that reminds me of that day. It has a tear on the side where my husband took the lure from my son's hand and snagged it into his underwear as he swam both of them back:) God has shown up many times in my life, but this one is at the top! - Cheryl

#GodShowedUp Last Sunday we were encouraged to reflect and share how God has shown up in our lives. Well, as luck would have it, I have countless numbers of journals recounting all the ways He has shown up for me. I am constantly reflecting on how he has shown his power and strength in my life. It is no secret that I struggle with anxiety and depression and if I didn't focus on Him, I might not be here today. 

You see, #GodShowedUp when he sent a friend to my tiny, lonely apartment one afternoon 20 years ago and He has been showing up every day since. Sometimes He shows up in big ways like restoring a broken marriage and not letting mortgage payments lapse when finances are tight. Sometimes He shows up in tiny ways, like painting the sky in beautiful colors or prompting a friend to send a text or card in the mail with encouragement. 

#GodShowedUp with every job I have ever had. #GodShowedUp when my mom passed away and I was filled with grief. #GodShowedUp when I was travelling for work and my heart was heavy. #GodShowedUp when I was struggling to get out of bed. #GodShowedUp when I was floundering as a parent. #GodShowedUp when I was desperately seeking friendship. #GodShowedUp when I was ready to walk away from the church. #GodShowedUp when I needed words to speak. #GodShowedUp in community I was missing. 

You see, God always shows up - in the highs, in the lows, and everywhere in-between. But there is a catch. I have to be consciously aware. Always looking. That's exactly why I post things like 'I'm thankful for..." and "I learned today..." I don't post to be funny or to brag or to draw attention to myself. I post to remember the ways God moves in my life. The lessons he teaches me. The nudges to move. The correction, the comfort, the strength, and the peace. I post to encourage you to look for Him too. My journals are filled with these golden nuggets of goodness because I want to remember. I need to remember. God is good on the great days and he is just as good on the days that suck. I just need to look for him. - Deanna

weekly messages

April 19, 2020

Anxiety about the Uncontrollable

Matthew 6:25-34

No matter how many or how significant the trials we face in this world, one truth outweighs them all – God cares for you. Jesus tells us that we should not worry about the things we cannot control because God, our Father, knows what we need and will take care of us.


April 26, 2020

Anxiety about Your Finances

Luke 12:16-34; Mark 10:42-45

Even though it may seem counter-intuitive in times of stress, one of the best ways to deal with your own anxiety is to meet the needs of someone else. The economic implications of this virus are yet to be fully realized, but Jesus challenges us to be rich toward God and to serve others even as we deal with financial concerns. 


May 3, 2020

Anxiety about Isolation

Philippians 4:4-9

One of the most difficult things about the impact of the Coronavirus is the isolation that it has created. Social distancing, while necessary, is a difficult pill to swallow. But this familiar passage in Paul’s letter to the Christians in Philippi offers encouragement about the Lord’s presence and what we should be filling our time with.


May 10, 2020                         

Anxiety for the Church

Matthew 16:13-20; Hebrew 10:23-24

One of the most difficult things for many of us in the church is to not be able to “gather together” with our spiritual family. Perhaps you’ve even wondered about the state of the church once these restrictions are removed and life returns to a “new normal”. Jesus assures us of our future as his bride. In the meantime, what do we need to do to stay “together”…to still keep “meeting together” in this time of physical separation?