SUPPORT and Encouragement for THIS SEASON

This was written by Meredith Miller and shared by our worship team one Sunday this month. 

Get more insight and inspiration from Meredith on her Instagram account @meredithannemiller

Christmas is not here to offer

a for-week escape

from the pain of the world

with a paper-thin layer of twinkle lights.

It is not here to anesthetize us

with bows and eggnog lattes.

Christmas is not offering us the chance

to escape the ache of life

through piles of presents.

Christmas is God saying,

"Yes, this pain is too much. Yes, it is too sad.

Yes, the ache is too great. Hang on.

I'll come carry it with your."


Christmas is a time to remember the birth of Jesus! It's a season many look forward to celebrating. And yet, we know that for many this time of year can be really difficult, for lost of different reasons. If that's where you find yourself this year, we've gathered a few resources to comfort and encourage you. 

We've be honored to pray for you. Go to to share a request with us and pray for others.

Some of these resources may require you to create an account on YouVersion or RightNow Media. If you don't have a RightNow Media account, CLICK HERE and we'll help you get set up for free as apart of our account. 

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Some things for parents and a fun look at Big Questions about Christmas for kids!

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Unexpected Serving

Join us as a church and choose one of the options below to bless and serve someone unexpectedly before Christmas or create your own ‘serving’ opportunity and ask God where and what you should do to serve someone else and then go do it. Click the link below for some ideas to get you started. 

Unexpected Serving Ideas

A Season of Giving

This Christmas, we want to again be a place that blesses others. We hope you to come together as the Church and give boldly and extravagantly to bless others in the name of Christ. Our three recipients are the Salvation Army, UB Global Missions and the start-up of ministry to help those struggling with mental health concerns.