Parenting is hard work and we don’t ever want you to feel like you are on your own. 

That is why, at Mainstreet, our strategy involves partnering with you at all stages. 

Let’s face it, every phase of a child’s life is important – and different. We don’t want you to miss one thing in fear or frustration. That is why we equip you to leverage your time and influence. From birth to high school graduation, our family focused ministry will help unfold God’s great story at each stage, and help you to piece the puzzle together with your child. 

Littles will come to know their great big God. 

Kids will grow in their relationship with Him. 

Students will learn how to make a difference in their world. 

We will partner together along the way to meet the varying needs and challenges that arise at each phase. When the yellow light of the church combines with the red heart of the family, it becomes orange – and the impact of our combined efforts is greater than just two influences working on their own.

Upcoming Events

Family Experiences
for parents of middle & high school students

Giving parents a strategy to pass down faith in their home through a significant Family Experience.

PARENTS! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! It’s a grade-specific experience with instructions and ideas that allows you to challenge and affirm the spiritual development in your student. It’s been discovered that students who are growing in their relationship with Jesus are thriving because of an impactful experience they shared with a parent or mentor who recognized and affirmed their spiritual development in Christ. It’s also been noted that it’s not just the “who” but also the “how” that make these experiences so significant. What this means is that the experience itself (how truth is presented) is just as crucial as the truth itself if students are to believe/own that truth. We want you to be the “who” in your son’s or daughter’s life and we will provide you with the “how”.

>>February 11
  12th grade parents 6:00pm
  11th grade parents 7:00pm

>>February 18
  10th grade parents 6:00pm
  9th grade parents 7:00pm

>>February 25
  8th grade parents 6:00pm
  7th grade parents 7:00pm

>>March 4
  6th grade parents 6:00pm


    Infants - Preschool

    Sunday Mornings and more

    Your child will get a first look at their big God. 

    By the time they meet the milestone of preschool graduation, our hope is that the Littles know three basic truths: God made me, God loves me, Jesus wants to be my forever friend. 

    Everything we do builds on these three simple things to help shape our Littles hearts.

    Learn more about Littles


    Kindergarten - 5th grade

    Sunday Mornings and more

    In an upbeat, never boring, sometimes loud environment, kids will discover more of who God is and how they fit into the story. 

    Practical examples and timeless stories come to life designed purposefully to tap into their world. 

    By the time they meet the milestone of 5th grade graduation, our hope is that kids know who they are and how they can be an influence to others.

    Learn more about Kids

    Rush & Revolution

    6th - 12th grade

    Sunday Nights and more

    High School Students (Revolution) and Middle School Students (Rush)

    gather each Sunday night from 6:00 - 8:00 pm during the school year, in addition to lots of additional ministry events.

    More about Revolution and Rush