This four-week series explores four spiritual routines: Bible reading/study, prayer, fasting, and Christ-centered community through groups. There is no better time of the year to establish or re-establish new routines and habits to grow in our daily walk with Christ.


January 7, 2018


2 Timothy 3:14–17

The Bible is God’s authoritative Word, showing us clearly who God has been in the history of humanity and what he desires for us individually. We have to read and study the Bible regularly in order to know what it says.


January 14, 2018


Hebrews 10:23–25

God never intended for us to walk alone. Authentic community in which we deeply know others and are known by others is necessary for a victorious faith-life. To follow God faithfully, we must share our lives with other believers.


January 21, 2018                                           


Matthew 6:5–13

Jesus taught that the most effective prayers are simple and heartfelt. When we pray, we should talk honestly with God.


January 28, 2018


Matthew 4:1–4; 9:15

Jesus not only showed us how to fast but promised that his followers would fast as well. Fasting draws us closer to God by starving our flesh and feeding our spirit. We fast to help us focus on God and the things of his kingdom.