I would like to challenge and encourage you to give this weekend toward the disaster relief offering we will be taking. The devastation the people in Sierra Leone, Macau and Texas is overwhelming. In Sierra Leona where we have sister churches over 400 people have died due to massive flooding and mudslides. In Macau, typhoons have caused significant damage to the tiny island nation. And in Texas the devastation is massive and yet to be fully understood. While many of us may not have the opportunity to go to these places and offer a literal “hand” to help, we can provide resources toward those efforts. Their recoveries will need tremendous resources and take months, maybe even years. Please give because Christ compels us to help. Give because they are in such unexpected need. Give significantly from the comfort that we currently enjoy. Give to the glory of God who takes our offerings and does abundantly more than we could ever imagine.

Serving alongside you,

Pastor Marty

You can donate to relief efforts:

- through our Mainstreet Church mobile app
- by using an envelope on Sunday. Please mark amount in OTHER and note for DISASTER RELIEF